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Free Access to Radiology Boards?!

Yes, you are eligible to receive free access to Radiology Boards, its learning tools, mock exams, exam evaluations and much more!

We are in close cooperation with the international Radiology community Radiolopolis which provides free educational material for Radiology.

Radiology Boards and Radiolopolis came to an agreement that we provide free access for an entire month for each Radiolopolis member who contributed significantly to that educational community.

There are 2 ways to get access to Radiology Boards through Radiolopolis :

first, if you want to start right away and don't want to "get your hands dirty", purchase a subscription plan! ...starting with less than 17 bucks a month! :-)

and second, Radiolopolis members can accumulate "Karma" (a contribution index) - or simply said: points - for contributions they make in that community.

How can I earn Karma/points?

Can't be easier!

After you registered on Radiolopolis, you can immediately earn points by:

  • Making friends / connections
  • Inviting friends
  • Joining groups
  • Creating your own groups (e.g. residency groups, study groups etc.)
  • Uploading Radiology cases / Radiology images
  • Uploading Radiology related videos
  • Adding Radiology related video feeds from Youtube or Google
  • Posting in discussion forums
  • Blogging (you have automatically your own Radiology blog as a Radiolopolis member!)
  • Creating teaching files with the newly integrated and ARRS and ECR awarded Radiology teaching file program Radiology Teacher
  • ...and many, many other ways!

So, why did we decide to join forces with the largest Radiology community on this planet? A great advantage by combining our tools with such a large social network for Radiology professionals is that all is in one place! Exam preparation tools, many educational resources, plenty of connectivity opportunities and much more! The best part: General membership is free on Radiolopolis! Some, high value sections such as the exam preparation tools are accessible for subscribing members. Please refer to the respective subscription plans to see what is the right for you.

Good luck and success with your exams and future!


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